Обзор и доработка USB транспорта на XMOS от diyinh


No drivers needed for MAC OS version 10.6.4  and above

No drivers installation required for Linux with UAC2 compliant kernel

ASIO/KS/WASAPI/Direct Sound drivers for Windows XP to 8 (32 and 64 bit)
Fully featured Thesycon driver package (without 30 min. periodic beeps)

*USB2.0 is a must for 384kHz operation
*Use a fresh install of windows and a dedicated USB port always avoid problem and run stable
*The length of I2S connection to your DAC chip should be as short as possible for best result and below 10cm is recommended

Please check your DAC should support the following I2S signal specification to decode each sampling rate:



User guide:

1. External regulated 3.3V power supply is connected to CN1 pins label 3.3vINx2

2. For DSD playback, LRCK= DSD D1(Left channel), DATA= DSD D2(right channel), BCK = DSD Bit Clock

3. For DSD playback, windows volume mixer must be set to full volume.

4. If you do not play DSD from the computer, the PCB will not output DSD signal. It's the same as our old PCB without DSD

5. Pins labeled (SDA SCL RST MUTE P8) in CN1 are reserved for used with DAC firmware customization(i.e. software control different DAC with different firmware), it should be left unconnect. CN2 Pin labelled DSDon is high when playing DSD and low when playing PCM.

6. Different DAC require different software command to switch between DSD and PCM mode. Please read the corresponding DAC datasheet for detail.

7. Please also check our highest c/p with custimized firmware and Bit-perfect volume control.

This item is in limited stock, maximum three per buyer. Please contact us if you want to buy more than three, thanks.

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